4 useful things to know before heading to Sunny Beach

4 useful things to know before heading to Sunny Beach

Before you head to the Black Sea… Wait! Do you know where is it? Excuse us if the question sounds ridiculous to you but since not everyone possesses good knowledge of geography it’s not useless to specify. Have you heard about that place in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, that has gained fame in the past decade? If the answer is „Yes“, then you probably know where the Black Sea is located. If it’s „No“ – check the map of Europe, it’s in the bottom-right corner also known as South-East.


  1. Choose Bulgaria on the Black Sea


Even if bigger countries like Russia and Turkey have their lands washed by the Black Sea, thanks to places like Golden Sands or Sunny Beach Bulgaria leads the competition for summer tourism around that body of water. Romania and Ukraine have their respective coastline situated in the northern part of it so it’s significantly colder. Georgia isn’t a popular destination for summer vacations while Turkey is but thanks to the resorts in the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. Best value to be found at Sunny Beach hotels


It’s not some made-up statement to throw the bait to you – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays have been proclaimed leading in the world ranking of greatest value for money ratio among the seaside resorts. The deals appearing on the list of the most trusted tour operator in the region might cost as low as 200 GBP depending on the type of accommodation.


  1. Go all-inclusive to save on the budget


While you can book a room on self-catering or half-board, have in mind that the package holidays are the ones requiring the least amount of overall funds to be spent for a summer vacation. Among the options of Bulgaria holidays, Sunny Beach once again stands out but is not the only place to offer tempting all-inclusive reservation – Golden Sands and Nessebar run close to the leader in that competition. 300 GBP per person for 7 days is a realistic price for Sunny Beach 2018 reservation, numbers in that range apply to the other main resorts in Bulgaria.


  1. Book your flight to Bourgas (or Varna)


Depending on which resort Bulgarian resort pick for the summer break you have to book your seat(s) on the plane for one of the two international airports operating near the Black Sea. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, and Sozopol are located in the southern part so Bourgas is the city to land at. Varna is the airport in the north suitable when you head for holidays to Golden Sands or Albena. While the main airport in Bulgaria – the one in Sofia, operates a greater number of flights, it stands 350 km away from the Black Sea at best.

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